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Our services include Pool construction and renovations, Rewinding of pool motors, Pool chemicals and accessories, Pool nets and fence, Pool maintenance, Salt and water chlorinators, Filters and pipe &Tennis courts and gazebos

Setting Up a Swimming Pool

  • Ensure that your pool get as much sunshine as possible, so that the water is warm and tingly fresh.
  • Link the pool with the existing outdoor living area. A pool can be co-joined to the house by building it next to the verandah or the patio. Research has shown that further away a pool is built from the house, the less it is used.
  • Wind direction is important. As a rule of thumb, the wind follows the direction of the sun
  • Comply with building regulations. These include a 6 meter embargo on power lines. If the shallow end is 3 feet as is normal, then the pool at the shallow end must be 6 feet from the foundation.
  • Rockeries raises decks, waterfalls or fountains can help you add to enhance the beauty of the pool.

Choosing The Right Finishes and Features

There is a white and dark stonite finisher. The finisher makes the water look dark blue in colour, this is because it is very natural looking. The white finish brings out a more crystal blue colour.

This is pretty finish and is durable. However, it is cold and slippery to the touch.

This is used as a finish, altogether it is retains little extra warmth. It is a heavy finish which must be avoided in poor soils. Glitter stone offers a natural look and offers a pool natural perspective.

Ceramics mosaics are placed around the rim of the pools at a level bisecting the water line making it functional as well as pretty. Mosaics are also placed along the step line to demarcate them and highlighting the edges.

Surrounds are normally made of brick paving or glitter stone. Emerald, quartzite and slate are also used. Quarry tiles are a favorite because they blend naturally with the surroundings.

Your primary consideration should be for hygiene and this means regular dosing of chlorine to knock out germs, bacteria and algae. Your filter removes all the solids but need to be washed twice a week to prevent pressure building up from the accumulated solids. Check the Ph of the water weekly as this affects the charity and sparkle. Brush the sides daily to prevent any build up of algae or chlorine sediment

There is little likelihood of major after sales requirements. However, we do offer an after sales service as pipes can develop leaks, filters can breakdown etc. We are fully equipped to deal with such problems and we will be happy to do so for you. We stand by our product in every way

If there are small children in your family you must make the pool area secure. There are several options in securing your pool, from simple wood picket fencing to wrought iron and full walling. The important aspect is

the entrance and you should choose a gate that cannot be opened by a child. These are readily available. Safety nets are an added precaution. The best protection by far is to teach your children to swim make them drown proof.