Jackson Munyeza Pools

about us

Jackson-Munyeza Pools and Construction is located in the prime area of Msasa. The company specializes in pool construction and imported Ceramic wall and floor tiles under its sister company Mosaic Company in Zimbabwe. The company has a staff of more than seventy employees.

We have forged a solid reputation for working in very close consultation with our clients and, quite simply, turning their dreams into reality. Rest assured, when you invest in our pools you will enjoy a standard of swimming pool construction and installation that is second to none, and supported by the best guarantees and  aspecialists in the industry in Zimbabwe and sub saharan Africa.


To enhance shareholders value by providing one stop world-class outdoor entertainment for the whole family.


To be the number one provider of outdoor entertainment in Africa.

Core Values

Integrity, Accountability, Discipline , Loyalty, Creativity, Efficiency and Relationships

A Brief History

Jackson-Munyeza Pools and Construction has become a household name in the outdoor entertainment and swimming pool construction business in the whole of the Southern African Region.

The company has attained such level of excellence, professionalism and popularity, through its strong historical background, which dates from 1966 when the company was formed by the late Mr. Joe Jackson with Mr. F.G. Munyeza who was only a foreman then. This was a perfect team experienced and hardworking people with passion to provide Zimbabwe with customer relationship management, creative pool designs as well as a high quality and durable product.

Mr. F.G. Munyeza, worked hard and built good relations, which saw him getting promoted to various ranks within the company, up until the time (25 years) he was offered shareholding in the business which he had helped establish and achieve its recognition in the market. This caused the company to be changed to Jackson-Munyeza Pools and Construction.

Sadly due to the untimely passing away of Mr. Joe Jackson, Mr. F.G. Munyeza was left to run the entire company single handedly. Mr. F.G. Munyeza managed to buy out the other shareholders in 1996 hence making the company become a family business. Mr. V.R. Munyeza is a certified pool operator, the first African to hold this qualification . CERTIFIED BY THE AMERICAN NATIONAL SPA POOL FOUNDATION. (N.S.P.F)

Botswana Operations

http://jacksonpools.co.bw/In 2004 we established our Botswana offices. This has seen Jackson-Munyeza being awarded a number of contracts in Botswana. The company also does pool maintenance work to a number of swimming pools in Botswana. We are on a fast track to become a strong brand and a household name in Botswana and we have planned to open branch offices within the country.

Malawi Operations

Further to the establishment of the offices in Botswana, we are moving with speed to see to that the whole region is covered and beyond. This quest has been Jackson-Munyeza being awarded contracts to construct pools including the only Olympic size pool in Lilongwe Malawi which was successfully completed and plans are underway to open offices in Malawi.